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PayQin – Mobile

We have created a mobile tool that gives universal and fast access to online payment opportunities, even in countries with undeveloped financial infrastructure.


PayQin is a dynamically developing fintech startup that specializes in providing digital financial products and Internet services for citizens of African states.


An electronic wallet with a built-in MasterCard/Visa virtual debit card, which provides the ability to transfer money between different African countries with different currencies. The online service also provides related financial services, for example, the issuance of virtual cards, online payments, and an API for integration with online stores.


Create a PayQin mobile app from scratch for iOS and Android devices. An online financial platform should provide its customers with full access to the convenience of modern digital banking, including the following features:

  • Manage electronic wallets and cards from a smartphone or other mobile device.
  • Perform a full range of operations with digital payment instruments, including deposits, transfers, tracking the current balance and recent transactions, as well as blocking.
  • Perform a full range of operations with invoices, including viewing the list, receiving, invoicing, payment, and rejection.
  • Integrate the online payment service to your commercial website via the API or by direct link.
  • Make and accept payments by QR code.
  • Select a list of necessary options in the form of generated tariff plans.


A faithful assistant in foreign payments

The PayQin mobile application is a reliable and secure environment for making purchases, transfers, and other financial transactions around the world, regardless of the country of residence. This is especially true for African States, each of which has a national currency, which greatly complicates cross-border payments.

A clear financial instrument

Thanks to the intuitive interface with a friendly UX design, even an inexperienced user can instantly understand the functionality of the mobile application. PayQin makes it possible to create a digital wallet in just a couple of clicks and start transferring money anywhere in the world.

All data on one screen

One of the main functional parts of the PayQin mobile application is an information dashboard, where all data on financial transactions are collected. The minimalistic dashboard interface allows you to get all the useful information and quick access to the main sections of the service from a single screen. A single glance is enough for the user to assess the dynamics of changes in their balance over different time periods and decide on further actions.

Easy replenishment of the balance

PayQin speeds up work with a virtual account by optimizing the process of depositing funds to a digital wallet or card. To top up the account, the user only needs to choose one of several ways to deposit funds and specify the wallet or card number.

Safe money transactions

In order for an electronic wallet to become a full-fledged replacement for a physical one, its users must be confident in the safety of their funds. The PayQin mobile application guarantees the security of financial transactions due to a reliable authentication system, CVV code protection, and data transmission via an encrypted channel protected from hacking.

One-click invoices

Accepting and invoicing payments directly through digital invoicing has become easier with PayQin than ever before. The functionality of the application allows you to set a deadline for payment on the invoice, specify the conditions in the comments, as well as cancel unpaid bills.

Support for local businesses

PayQin provides various tools for small and medium-sized Internet entrepreneurs, allowing them to conveniently accept payments online and offline. From the main menu of the application, you can quickly get an API or a direct link to embed the service on the site, as well as a number of means for payments using QR code technology.

How we did it

We have identified a set of technologies

Our team has a high level of expertise in JavaScript-based technology stacks, so the natural choice for development was a time-tested set of React Native, Node.js, and MongoDB. This approach made it possible to better control the process, simplify simultaneous work with iOS and Android platforms, and also accelerate the appearance of a fully functional MVP version.

Laid the foundation

Work on the mobile application began with the traditional stage of analytical research. We took into account not only the specifics of the high-tech industry of virtual payment systems but also regional peculiarities related to the future digital product.

We have carefully studied the experience and customer reviews of competing services, especially those who have worked in West African countries for a long time. The data obtained were taken into account when choosing a strategy for the development and implementation of a mobile application.

We have worked out the business logic

Since in the case of PayQin we had to solve complex tasks for the development of both the server side and the user frontend of the application, we began practical implementation with the design of the system architecture. At this stage, we closely interacted with the members of the customer's operational team — step by step we built up how different elements of the mobile application would interact with the user at all stages of the "consumer path".

Set the style

Most users associate a modern application for digital financial transactions with practicality and advanced technologies, so we have filled the design of mobile PayQin with thoughtful minimalism and dynamic color solutions.

We checked every detail

To improve the quality of the final product and more efficient release management, the members of the QA team worked within the framework of the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) mechanism debugged by our DevOps engineers. Thanks to the use of this progressive technique, the client's specialists checked the already fully tested and debugged parts of the application on internal assemblies, and the resulting comments were immediately put into production.


The mobile version of the PayQin financial digital platform was released within the period of 3 months set by the customer, simultaneously in two versions — for iOS and Android devices. The application has become a more flexible and efficient alternative to mobile banking services from large financial institutions for hundreds of thousands of customers from West African countries.