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The SberClass Web Application

Provided children and teachers with the opportunity to expand the scope of the regular school curriculum, opening access to advanced educational technologies of the "digital" age.


The company "SberEducation" is one of the important elements of the Sber ecosystem. Its activities are aimed at the implementation of the concept of Lifelong learning, the introduction of digitalization tools in schools and universities, as well as the creation of additional opportunities for the development of the individual potential of students.


Create and maintain a web version of the SberClass educational platform. The Learning Management System (LMS) is focused on working with schools in Russia and CIS countries using the SaaS or "application as a service" model. The web version of the platform should give students and their teachers' opportunities:

  • Remotely connect to the learning process on the platform at any time, regardless of the type of browser, PC, and OS used.
  • Receive an individual selection of courses and assignments that take into account learning opportunities and subject aptitudes.
  • To be trained simultaneously in single and group mode, to participate in the development of team skills.
  • Get comprehensive information about the course schedule and the dynamics of educational progress.
  • Independently choose the format for working with the platform — online or offline, at school or at home.
  • Improve soft skills, learn to set educational goals independently, and achieve them.


A comprehensive student tool

The SberClass is not an alternative, but a means of "upgrading" the general education program. This application contains the best digital technologies and the latest methodological developments that improve schoolchildren's involvement, motivation, and effectiveness through an individual approach to learning.

Materials on various subjects are divided into separate blocks. They can be combined as a constructor, adapting educational content to the characteristics and preferences of the student.

All modules and submodules are linked to the relevant sections of the general school curriculum and have no age restrictions. The assimilation of subject blocks facilitates the addition of elements of interactivity and gamification, as well as a combination of individual and group classes.

Remote education for everyone

Personalized learning on the SberClass platform is available to the widest range of students. A student can start performing tasks from modules at any time. At the same time, it does not matter where he is — at school or at home. Just open the application on your computer or laptop, even without Network access.

Taking care of the teacher

Automating the educational process, which is the basis of the SberClass model, relieves the school teacher from the daily routine, allowing him to devote more time to the main thing — working with children. The materials of the modules do not contradict the general education programs and can be easily included in the structure of the lesson.

Individual approach to complexity

The SberClass allows you to build a flexible learning curve adapted to the personal qualities of the student. The intensity of tasks and the complexity of topics can change, creating a psychologically comfortable environment for the child's self-development.

Emphasis on soft skills

Developed soft skills are qualities that will open the widest horizons for any graduate of a school or university. The ability to manage their behavior and emotions is valued by employers today no less than "solid" professional competencies.

Intensive development of soft skills is one of the key educational priorities underlying the SberClass platform. The tasks in the application are designed to improve all three groups of soft skills directly in the process of mastering new topics.

Based on the letter of the law

Digital distance education technologies implemented in the SberClass comply with all the regulatory requirements of Russian legislation in this area. When creating the platform, both the installations of Federal State Educational Standards and the prescriptions of regulatory federal laws were taken into account.

How we did it

We have created a technological basis

The development of the web version of the LMS application was carried out on the basis of the existing design and the ready-made server part provided by the customer. The time-tested React/Typescript bundle and CodeceptJS framework became the basis for a technologically compatible dashboard module frontend.

The modules were assembled on web pack 5, known for their flexibility. Effector was chosen to develop the data layer, yarn 3 was chosen to manage the cluster, and GraphQL (Apollo—client) provided communication with the backend.

Immersed in the details

The dashboard of the web version of the SberClass was supposed to link several main blocks into a single functional system, which could strongly conflict with each other due to architectural differences. To avoid this, our developers have paid special attention to the preliminary technical design of the functionality of each block.

Found a creative way out

One of the main problems that our team faced when creating the web version of the SberClass is the lack of a single standard for the main modules. They differed greatly in the type of tasks and verification mechanics, which made it difficult to synchronize them in one panel. The constant struggle with errors when adding a new module slowed down development and delayed the release of the MVP version of the web application.

A difficult task required an extraordinary solution — a complete redesign of the application's appearance based on uniform standards. To do this, our team of developers and testers involved designers from the customer's side. Competent management based on the agile methodology made it possible to catch up with the pace and fulfill the commitments made on time.

Micro frontends were used

To solve the problem of duplication of functionality and facilitate testing during development, we have created a significant part of the dashboard business logic based on individual micro frontends. Using Nginx as a reverse proxy server for routing requests helped to successfully separate the monolith functionality and establish smooth interaction between micro-frontends.

We have established feedback

In order for the educational process in the SberClass to provide an opportunity for adult support of schoolchildren, a feedback chat was added to the dashboard. With its help, children, parents, and teachers can quickly organize interaction, solve emerging work issues, as well as receive support in difficult situations.


A fully working version of the SberClass web application, taking into account all the requirements of the customer, was created in just a few months. The created dashboard was successfully adapted to the technology stack of the server part and combined all the main modules of the educational platform.

Immediately after the release of the application, the SberClass managed to gain a reputation as a reliable tool that complements the general education program in schools throughout Russia and in the CIS countries.